We Increased Revenue For a Local IT Company in Kernersville, North Carolina by 53%

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Jacob K

CEO, Quality Tech Connections

QualityTech Connections is an IT services company based in Kernersville, North Carolina. It is the Piedmont Triad’s home for experienced residential, business, and contract IT services.

The Brief

Our client QualityTech reached out to our digital marketing agency with one goal – to increase website traffic and revenue. Not to mention, to build a strong online presence in their local market.

qualitytech connection case study

What We Did

Our action item included a comprehensive web design and content creation strategy in order to achieve the desired results for the client. We took into account the target audience, and the type of customers Quality Tech was hoping to attract. And then created a highly targeted marketing strategy that included SEO, content creation, and GMB.

We started by optimizing their website structure and content according to best practices. This included enhancing metadata, page titles, headings, page body copy, and images so that they could rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We then created high-quality, engaging webpages related to IT services topics that would both attract more visitors and demonstrate the company's expertise in the field.

We recommended effective changes in content, layout, usability, and visuals that would help create an engaging user experience. Additionally, we focused on improving keyword rankings for relevant queries, which would help drive more organic search traffic to the website.

Our process involved working with Quality Tech's team in order to understand their goals and objectives, as well as gain insights into their industry trends and specific terms used by their target market. Utilizing our knowledge of semantic SEO techniques, we carefully curated new content rich in keywords while ensuring that it remained meaningful and on-brand.

We also proposed developing SEO-enabled pathways on the website's architecture and using relevant keywords in the content to ensure decent rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Before putting forward our comprehensive digital marketing package, we assessed numerous metrics—such as bounce rate & traffic referrals—and consulted our experts before settling into an exquisite plan that would bring great conversion rates along with brand recognition from current leads.

The Results

The results of our digital marketing efforts were remarkable. Quality Tech saw a significant increase in website traffic, organic search rankings, and conversions within the first few months of implementation.

The company also experienced an increase in brand recognition and customer loyalty as more people were exposed to their services. Quality Tech was able to reach out to a larger audience and generate more leads & sales than ever before!


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